How to choose your leg cover for your motorcycle/scooter

Why an leg cover?

Not to be confused with a leg covering or skirt, the leg cover attaches to your vehicle to provide protection against cold, wind, and water. Even allowing you to cover your saddle when you are stationary to avoid getting back on the road on a wet and uncomfortable saddle. Allowing you waterproof storage pockets, it is an equipment to have for a better comfort of road, and in any season, the protection against the cold can be removed in hot weather.

How do I install an leg cover?

Installing your leg cover might seem intimidating, but we have prepared the procedure to follow to allow you a smooth installation. Our leg cover is also equipped with a manual specific to your model. Some steps might be different, so we invite you to refer to your manual.

  • Remove the two screws under your handlebars (near the contact).
  • Following this, run the screws through the designated slots on the top of your deck, and screw the screws back on your key cover.
  • You must then repeat these two steps with the side parts of the deck and your vehicle, removing the screws to the left and right, pass them through the assigned locations of the deck, and screw back to their original places.
  • Again, you now need to reproduce these steps with the screws on your vehicle's fairing.
  • Block the fairing strap hook in a part inside your vehicle nearby.
  • Block the strap of the upper part of the deck, being careful to go under the windshield.
  • Using the spacer and the metal L, block the deck at the steps.
  • If your leg cover has one, all you must do is inflate the anti-float system and you're ready to hit the road!

How to maintain your leg cover?

Maintaining your leg cover is very simple and will allow you to extend its life over the seasons! You just must sponge, and let it air dry. You can also use a waterproofing spray to allow you to keep your legs cover still as protective against water!