How to choose a carpet for my car?

How to use a car mat?

A car mat is a very common accessory among motorists, it protects against dirt and wear of the floor of the vehicle, indeed, your feet rub a lot on this part and do not let the floor rest. In addition to protecting your vehicle, a carpet can also be an aesthetic element of your vehicle's interior. Color, material, pattern, logos, etc... Your carpet will protect and beautify your interior.

How to maintain it?

A carpet is constantly prone to dirt. Dust, everything on the soles of your shoes, pieces of food, drinks, nothing escapes it. That's why it's important to maintain your carpet as well as possible.

  • Be sure to clean your carpet AFTER all other elements of your vehicle. Otherwise, all the dust that will be on the other elements will fall to the ground and your carpet will be filled with it.
  • Once you are ready to clean your carpet, you just need to remove as much dust as possible from the outside with a blower or shaking it.
  • Once most of the dust is removed from your carpet, it will then be necessary to vacuum and finally remove the last crumbs and other dirt that may have remained.
  • The carpet being a rather absorbent element in terms of liquid such as mud, or coffee, you will then have to wash it thoroughly. They will have to be washed by hand and not by machine. To do this, equip yourself with a basin, or a pipe, and pass it to the water while not forgetting to brush the latter and use suitable cleaning products.
  • All you must do is let it enjoy some of the sun and he will be ready to hit the road again by your side.

A carpet does not need to be washed every week, it depends on your use of the latter (muddy area, dust due to construction sites, etc...). But a wash every 4-5 months is more than enough.